What Questions To Ask, When Choosing An IT Company?


If your business relies on IT services, then you need to choose a company that will fully support your needs. This may be a difficult decision, considering how many of them are present on the market. Before you make a final choice, interview at least several of them. You can always research the web to narrow your choice and when you set your eye on a couple of them, ask them the following questions?

On what type of industry do you specialize?

IndustryMany IT companies work with big enterprises and with small businesses, and they services are equally good. Depending on your needs, you need to determine whether the company will meet your demands and dedicate you the same amount of time, as you were the big enterprise. You need to take into consideration that if they only work with big clients, they won’t be able to provide you appropriate solutions, especially if you are a small business, that doesn’t have more than ten employees.

Are the clients equal?

This is a critical question to ask because we all have a customer that bring us the biggest revenue. So, what happens in the situation, when their biggest client is experiencing an IT crisis in the same time as you. Will you have to wait, or will the company divide responsibilities? If they give the primate to the “biggest lion in a den,” then you are in a big problem. You won’t be able to perform your services at the highest level, and soon you will start losing the customers. This is something you will have to negotiate with an IT company. If they promise you to have an equal support as their biggest clients, then you can consider of hiring them.

Who will come to my place?

TechnicianThe important question to ask is, who will serve my account? Will you be assigned one or two technicians, of it, will be randomly performed among the employees? The best solution would be to have your own technician, which you can contact at any time, instead of dealing with numerous people. You want to have someone who is familiar with your business and knows where the equipment is stored. The last thing you want to hear is “where is the server?” An experienced technician will be able to sort your issue in no time.

What is an average client retention rate?

How long does the client stay with your company? When you are analyzing this issue, the company needs to provide you an accurate data. If they have a good retention rate, it means that customers are satisfied with their services. Of course, you can always expect some issues with any computer network, but if they are skilled and trained well, they will be able to fix this right away. When you are conducting an interview, it would be a good idea to ask for references and make sure to call their clients. In this case, you will be able to see from the first hand, how good they are.

Jay Hart